In this article, I will explain the difference between the Primary Domain and Additional Domains. At Breeze, you can add multiple additional domains, all pointing towards the Primary domain.

Understanding the Difference

The computer uses the IP address to communicate over the internet. An IP address is a complex string of numbers and alphabets, that is hard to remember.

It is not convenient to type a string of characters every time you want to open a site.

A domain is the name of the website, which is easy to remember and type. We point the domain name to the IP address.

This way, we only have to enter the domain name, and the computer can understand what IP address it is pointing to and can work from there.

Basically, domain names make the Internet a comfortable place to navigate.

A domain name can be a combination of letters and numbers (in some cases, hyphen (-)) as well as extensions such as .com, .net, .co, etc. (,

You have to register a domain name with the domain registrar when starting a website. The domain names can’t be identical.

Primary Domain:

As the name suggests, the primary domain is the root domain. The brand website is located on the domain name.

Primary Domain must be point towards the IP address.



A subdomain is a part of the existing primary domain but on the different field. Usually, some prefix is used in the primary domain to give it a separate identity.

You can install a separate new application on the subdomain. That’s why marketers, developers, and analysts use a subdomain for the different use.

Developers test the development on the subdomain before taking it live. Marketers use it to make a new section on the site for a different purpose, so it does not intersect with the primary domain image.


Additional Domains:

Additional domains are the alias name. You want these names to directs to the primary domain name.

These additional domains are used to capture the brand visibility, and email drops.

For example, if Google also buys the alias domain name: Google, Gogle, Googly

If the customer uses the wrong URL or domain to load the site, it will work. All these additional domain names are pointing to the primary domain name.
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