If you are looking for Breeze coupons and searching for them -- you will not find any, as we don’t offer any.

But we do give terrific discount.

There are several reasons that we decided to not enable coupons.

We have 10+ plans to cater every size of business. Even if your Magento store does not fit into any one plan, you can talk to our sales team to have a custom plan cut out only for you.

We are already giving you the amazing prices. If you compare our prices with the peers, with quality of service, support and fantastic platform, you will find we already have a humble pricing.

Coupon codes attract spammy web hosting reviewers, shady coupon websites and SERP becomes wildly filled with coupon sites distributing our coupons. We care about our brand name -- so our customers feels confident in staying with us.

However, we have a different approach to give the discount.

If you take the annual plan, you will have huge savings.

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