Yes. Breeze offers an SLA-backed uptime guarantee.

To maintain the uptime guarantee we offer, we monitor the sites installed on the Breeze platform. Whenever any sites go down for any reason, our system alerts the engineer.

That’s why you mustn't block our monitoring bot. In those cases, we will not be able to monitor the site actively and find out if the site is up and running.

Few ways that bock uptime monitoring:

Basic authentication is enabled. All the unauthorize request go 401 error in this case.
Websites that are not installed from our platform, i.e. other scripts.
Direct Bot blocking: If you are blocking all the Bots with Plugins, it will block our bots too.
Blocking the IP address of our Uptime Monitor will stop the uptime monitoring.
Blocking the location (Geo Location) of our Uptime Monitor will stop the uptime monitoring.
A domain name is not set up correctly and does not load the site installed on our platform.
During maintenance mode

There are a few reasons that the uptime monitoring bots could be blocked. When our uptime monitoring is blocked, it makes it difficult to check whether the site is live or not.
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