Cron is a standard Unix utility that is used to schedule the program run at a specific duration. You can also make a script/command and add it to the cron jobs. Specify the time, and the script will run automatically after every x time.

Breeze platform offers Cron utility inside the dashboard.

Adding a Cron Job

Follow the steps to add cron jobs:

Login to your Breeze Platform
Select the Company you would like to work on
Click on the ‘Sites’ to open site list
Open the 'Store' from the list
Click on the ‘Cron’ from the option at Left

Click the ‘Add Cron’

Fill the pop-up box and create a new Cron job

You can add any number of Cron jobs from here. If you want to edit or delete the Cron job, you can do it from here.
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