The default Magento admin URL is

You can change the default Magento admin URL from the Magento admin panel or by using server sides commands.

With Breeze, you can change the Magento admin URL right from the platform.

Changing Magento Admin URL from Breeze Platform

Follow the steps to change the admin URL of your Magento store:

Login to your Breeze Platform
Select a Company you like to work on
Click on the ‘Sites’ to open the site list
Open the 'Store' you like to change URL
Click on the ‘Access’ on the left panel

Click on the Pencil icon beside the admin URL
Enter the URL you like in the pop-up box

Click on the 'Save' to set the new URL.

The Magento admin URL has changed successfully.

Click on the ‘Open Magento Admin’ button to open the Magento Admin page to see the new URL loading.
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