The primary domain is the domain name you use while creating the account and setting up the server. It works as an identifier and represents your account.

You can set a new domain as a primary domain at any time.

How to set a new primary domain name?

Follow the steps to set a new primary domain name:

Login to Breeze Platform
Select the Company you like to work on
Click on ‘Sites’ to open the site list
Open the Store you want to work on
Click on the ‘Domains’ from the left panel

You will find your current primary domain here. Scroll a little bit to see the domain list.

All the domains (primary and secondary) are listed here

Click on the Action to make any of the secondary domain names the new primary domain name.

In a click, the secondary domain will be the primary domain.

If you want to add a new domain here, you can do so by clicking on the Add button at the top right.
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