Magento is an open-source platform, built on PHP. If you like to change the PHP version of your Magento site, you can do it with the Breeze platform.

Before changing the PHP version, please understand the requirements of your site. Not all PHP versions support all operating system, and sometimes changing PHP can break the store.

Upgrading/downgrading the PHP version does not mean upgrading/downgrading the custom made application packages or modules. So please make sure the custom coding is compatible with the PHP version you are changing to.

​Second thing, please take a backup before changing the PHP version. If your site does not support the PHP version and any issue arise, you can always restore it.

Change PHP Version

Follow the steps to change the PHP version from the platform.
Login to your Breeze Platform
Select the 'Company' you like to work on
Click on ‘Sites’ to open the site list
Open the 'Store' you want to work on
Go to the Tool Box
Find the PHP Version box, and change it

Proceed by clicking 'Cotinue' in the pop-up box
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