In simple language, DNS (Domain Name Server) is the phonebook of the internet.

Web browsers identify IP addresses to interact and open a page. Domain names like and are nothing but the words attached to an IP address.

Using words make it easier for human use, as IP address is long numerical strings. For example, Facebook IP Address is

You can see how Facebook is ‘easy to remember’ than the IP address.

Hosting and IP Address

Web hosting provides you with a place to build your website.

For understanding, it is like land to build your house. The longitude and latitude degrees provide the location of that land, but they are not usable in daily conversation. That’s where the address comes up. House addresses are easy to remember, write and tell anyone else.

Similarly, the domain is for IP address. Easy to enter into the browser, marketing and useful for branding.

Web hosting provides a space on the internet and the IP address of that space. You have to attach a domain name to that IP address to make it easily accessible.

How to connect domain name with Breeze hosting?

For now, the name servers are disabled at Breeze. You have to use CloudFlare to connect Breeze’s IP address and your Domain name.

You will need:

Free CloudFlare account
Several minutes

If you are already on CloudFlare, please go directly to Step 2.

What is CloudFlare?

CloudFlare DNS is an enterprise-grade DNS service that provides the fastest response time, low redundancy and advanced security with built-in DDoS mitigation.

Basically, user’s does not host IP address directly and instead use CloudFlare. CloudFlare uses multiple security tools to ensure all the traffic coming to your website is secure.

CloudFlare provides a range of benefits:

Fast loading speed of the websites
Increase site availability by keeping a cached copy of the site active in case of downtime
Mitigate any DDoS attack
Block spam and bot traffic judging by the rules

Step 1: Add the domain to CloudFlare

CloudFlare works as a bridge between a domain name and web hosting.

You map the domain with hosting by adding the hosting nameserver to the domain name. To use CloudFlare, you replace the hosting nameserver with CloudFlare nameservers.

Use the following steps to add the domain name to the CloudFlare:

(1) Set up a Free CloudFlare Account

Once the email verification is done, and your account is ready, you can add the domain to CloudFlare.

(2) Add the Domain name

Click Add a Site button, or Add site from the menu.

On the next page, enter the domain name.

(3) Add the CloudFlare nameservers

Go to the DNS section and scroll down to find the CloudFlare nameservers.

Whichever domain name service you are using (GoDaddy, NameCheap, NameSilo, BlueHost etc), you will need to add the nameservers. Add these nameservers there.

(4) Point the nameserver to the hosting server

Go to the DNS section in CloudFlare and add an ‘A’ record.

Insert domain name in Name, and IP address in the IP address box. Enable the proxy to turn on the CloudFlare on this domain.

And that’s it.

You have added your domain to CloudFlare.

Step 2: Connect Breeze and CloudFlare

To configure the DNS via CloudFlare, you need to add the CloudFlare account to the Breeze.

Simply click on the DNS from the left side navigation.

Click on the ‘Set up’ button to add the CloudFlare account.

Add your name and the email address associated with the CloudFlare account.

How to find the Global key?

Go to your CloudFlare Profile
Click on API Tokens
View the Global API Key

You have to insert the CloudFlare account access to get the Global API Key. (Read in Detail)

Copy the key and paste it into the field.

How to find Account ID?

Open the CloudFlare dashboard
Open the ‘Workers’ tab
Find the Account ID on the right-hand side

Copy the ID and paste it into the field.

And done.

Your CloudFlare account is added to the Breeze.

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