Whenever you need to test or change anything on the website, the ideal way is to move the website to the stage and do it in a controlled environment. This way, only the changes that pass the various analysis test could go live for user experience.

At Breeze, we made the process of staging much easier. You do not need additional plugins, modules, or scripts.

Steps to Create Stage:

Login to Breeze Platform
Select the Company you like to work on
Open the Store whom stage has to be created
Click the ‘Change Environment’ in front of the Store’s name at the top
Click on the ‘Create Staging Server’

Add your Keys to the Stage

Pick a Plan (Stage is Free for all hosting plans except Starter 1 and Starter 2)
Click on 'Create' and your stage will start deploying

That’s it.

Breeze will create the stage the server, and copy the entire Magento store to the stage.
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