In this tutorial we will download the backup of the website to the local storage.

At Breeze, we do the automatic backup, with 7 days retention time. However, if you need to do a manual backup, you can follow this tutorial.

Download the Backup

Here are a few simple steps to download the backups to your local computer.

Login to your Breeze Platform
Select the Company you would like to work on
Click on the ‘Sites’ to open the site list
Open the 'Store' whom backup you like to download
Click the 'Backups' option from the list
Chose the 'Download' from the dropdown

You can download any existing backup from the list. Or click on ‘Add Backup’ to create a new backup.

Breeze ease the process of backup by separating it into three sections.

Code: Only the code of the website.
Media: Download only the media, which will be in large size.
Database: Download all the database of the website.

The number of manual backup copies is limited to 7 and each backup we retain for 7 days.

Finally, there is an option to download the complete backup of the site, including the three sections in one click.
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