At Breeze, we provide multi-user features. You can create a team of many users for any website or company. We allow three user roles; each of them has different control over the servers/sites.

Please read how the Breeze User Roles works and what is allowed in each role before inviting new users.

Invite Users to your Company

Follow the steps to Invite users to your company.

Login to your Breeze panel
Select the ‘Company’ you want to add a user
Click on the ‘Setting’ in the left panel
Navigate to the ‘Team’ option
Click on the ‘Invite User’ button
Enter the email address of the use you like to invite
Select the Role you like to give to the user (Read User Roles)
Click on ‘Invite User’ to send the invitation

Enter the Email address of the User you like to Invite

That's it. Your side of work is done. You invited the User to join your Team on Breeze.

The User will get the 'Accept the Invitation' Email

The team member you invited will receive an email to their account.

They have to Accept your invitation. If they are:

Already on Breeze: User will get the option to Accept/Reject the invitation to join your Company.
Not on Breeze: User have to create an account on Breeze to join your Company.

Accepting the invitation will open the Invite Page. Users have to fill in some information to join the Breeze.

Once they are on Breeze, they can join your Team, Company and Store.

After they accept the invitation, the user can login to its account and find the Store on the Breeze dashboard.

You can check the Company to find the new User in the list.

That’s it.

The new user is added to your Company.
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