SSH Keys are crucial to access the server and store through SFTP and SSH.

You have to assign the Key to the Company and Store to set up the SFTP and SSH connection.

That's why we added a feature to generate the SSH Key from the Breeze dashboard itself.

Any SSH Key has two parts:

Private Part: The part that you store on your computer and should not share with anyone else.
Public Part: The part that is assigned to the server.

Both the Private and Public parts connect to create a secure connection between the server and local computer (you).

When you generate the SSH Key from the Breeze platform:

The Private Key is automatically downloaded to your machine
The Public Key is automatically stored in your Account.

You can find the Public Key in your Account, add it to any Company, and link to the Store.

However, we do not store the Private Part of the Key. And you can retrieve it from Breeze.
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